Innovative, easy to use online planner for the whole school


The Honeycomb ePlanner

The Honeycomb ePlanner is an innovative, easy to use online student planner for the whole school. It is available to students, teachers, and parents meaning that all of your key stakeholders have immediate access to vital information.

Simplify Homework Setting

With Honeycomb, teachers post homework tasks and assignments through the online homework planner, directly to their students. Putting an end to the reliance on students accurately writing down the instructions at the end of a lesson, and ensuring that every student, even absentees, receive the full homework instructions.

Honeycomb is available on desktop, tablet and smartphone applications, on and offline; so homework tasks are always accessible.


The benefits of Honeycomb

Increase Parental Engagement

The Honeycomb ePlanner offers a simple, non-intrusive method of home-school communication. Providing the ability for teachers to message both students and parents, allowing them to aid their pupils development by offering extra support when needed. This also allows teachers to inform parents / carers of their child’s progress, and provides the opportunity to inform parents when their child is excelling, not just when they need support.

Honeycomb provides parents with the ability to monitor how their child’s homework is being set and completed. Parents are also able to view their child’s timetable, calendar and all school information and news. Parents can access Honeycomb through their personal login to the online student planner, or through the Honeycomb ePlanner app for parents.

Simplify School Communication

All of your important school information, including contact details, term times, and school policies, can be added to your Honeycomb ePlanner account, providing a valuable and easily accessible resource to parents and students.

Schools are able to save money, and reduce the amount of paper used, by sending out fewer letters; as news and events can be shared with students and parents through the Honeycomb announcements feature.


The ways Honeycomb adds value

Organise The School Day

Honeycomb provides a simple, and useful online school diary, which syncs with your school data. Allowing every student and member of staff access to their live timetables. Timetables can be updated by admin staff at any time, and updates appear on each student’s profile, meaning that they can be kept aware of any last minute room changes.

Students have access to their own personal calendar, which allows them to add their own extracurricular events to the online school diary. Admin staff can also post upcoming school events, which are added to student’s calendars automatically, ensuring that everyone is kept up to date. Teachers are also able to distribute merits, and out of class passes to students.

Monitoring Honeycomb

The reporting features also enable you to track and monitor how often homework is being set, how frequently homework is not handed in, and which students are regularly failing to hand in homework. You can also track which students and teachers are using the platform most often, so you can ensure that your school is getting the most out of what Honeycomb has to offer.



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